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  1. APT weak digest warning under wheezy

    Newer apt versions warn if the repository release files are signed using "weak" digests algorithms like SHA1:

    W: http://mini-buildd-uff.ta.ta:8066/repositories/test/dists/sid-test-unstable/InRelease: Signature by key FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)

    This should usually not occur as mini-buildd …

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  2. ThinkPad T460s with NVMe on jessie

    This is rather "a note to self"; maybe this is of any worth for others too...

    Since recently, I own a new Thinkpad T460s, including a "NVM Express" ('NVMe') SSD.

    Unfortunately, plain jessie can't deal with initramfs creation for nvme properly, and also some other skylake related updates seem mandatory …

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  3. Website relaunched (s/hyde/pelican/g)

    hyde is unmaintained as it seems, so this here website is now relaunched using the new hot shit on the sky of static web site generators, pelican. At least, it all-in-all provides less pain, and it's still maintained ;).

    So I hope everything looks somewhat better now, and nothing is worse …

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