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mini-buildd is a custom build daemon for Debian-based distributions with all batteries included: I.e., it covers incoming, (distributed) building, installing, repository maintenance and repository delivery.

For more, read on in the Documentation (the Introduction or Quickstart sections will be good starters), or jump right over to the Screenshots.

What's ab?

Newest articles: Housekeeping after the Debian buster release, 1.0.x maintenance moved to Hellfield Archive, Hellfield Archive updated, or go to all articles.

Stable (1.0.x)

TargetVersionGet fromDetailed..Notes
Debian unstable (noop atm, see article '1.0.x maintenance moved to Hellfield') 1.0.41 [snapshot] Debian ..Instructions Use for package testing and bug reporting against the Debian BTS (Current Bugs).
Debian jessie+jessie-backports+Hellfield jessie-ab-stable 1.0.31~ab80+1 [snapshot] Hellfield ..Instructions Suitable for production (no updates).
Debian wheezy+wheezy-backports+Hellfield wheezy-ab-stable 1.0.31~ab70+1 [snapshot] Hellfield ..Instructions Suitable for production (no updates).
Others (Hellfield *-ab-snapshot) n/a [n/a] Hellfield ..Instructions Untested, automated snapshots may be available for some other targets (older Debian, Ubuntu).

Unstable (1.1.x)

TargetVersionGet fromDetailed..Notes
Debian experimental 1.1.18 [snapshot] Debian ..Instructions Brutal bleeding edge testing for hardboiled eggheads.
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