New features in 1.0.x since 1.0.11


The current sid/stretch Debian development cycle was (and still is) very busy, and changes continuously broke mini-buildd ;).

Partly substantial changes to mini-buildd stable code was needed to keep things going. All in all, this stable development cycle compromises over 300 commits, closing about 25 actual Debian bugs and fixes for a number of issues from the roadmap.

With the changes partly being substantial anyway, I also allowed some actual new features in (that should else rather be left for 1.2.x). This document tries to be a condensed convenience summary of these new features only.

Python Client API

You can now control (and use some extra features for) mini-buildd via python code.

See Manual: Python Client API ➚.

Upload Options

Former "magic options" (i.e. MINI_BUILDD: BACKPORT_MODE and MINI_BUILDD: AUTO_BACKPORTS) are now obsoleted by a new general notation called "Upload Option":

MINI_BUILDD_OPTION: <key>[[<alt>]]=<value>

Besides the new notation, this also right now includes some new options.

See Manual: Upload Options ➚.

New Hotfix Suite

Get a package update to stable when the way via unstable->testing is blocked by newer versions.

See User Manual: Default Layout ➚ and Admin Manual: Layouts ➚.

Live Build Logs

Build logs can now be accessed live on the resp. builder as soon as the build has started.

BTRFS chroot backend

Based on Katsuhiko Nishimra's patch (thx!), this is now available.