Hellfield Archive updated

Published: Fri Jul 19 11:02:14 UTC 2019
Updated: Sun Sep 01 16:47:32 UTC 2019
By Stephan Sürken

In 2019.

As a housekeeping task after the Debian buster release, the Hellfield Archive has been upgraded and cleaned up as well.

Most noteworthy, for Debian I decided to go for the "current Debian" versioning scheme starting with buster. This may make some manual upgrades which are technically downgrades necessary when upgrading from stretch->buster:

Distributions added:

  • Debian bullseye ("~ab~BULLSEYE"): New Debian testing.
  • Ubuntu bionic, cosmic, disco.

Distributions changed:

  • Debian buster ("~ab10"): New Debian stable. Switched to new Debian versioning scheme (10 not 100). Double check for local '~ab90' versions after the upgrade to buster!

Distributions removed:

  • Debian etch, squeeze, lenny.
  • Ubuntu yakkety, zesty.