Admonitions (FAQ, NOTE, TODO, BUG)

Automated index of all admonitions (in this manual as well as in python code documentation). For simplicity, we only use four admonitions: error, attention, note, tip.


(BUG) Ongoing issues: No fix yet


(TODO) Ongoing issues: Minor or has workaround


(NOTE) Something not obvious you should be aware of


(FAQ) Free tip

  • abstract: Some links do not work in this manual?

  • administrator: Can I manually instantiate a build chroot to repeat/debug a failed build?

  • administrator: How much disk space do I need to run mini-buildd?

  • administrator: How to enable encrypted uploads (FTPS)?

  • administrator: How to manually fix a failing check in a Source due to wrong/missing APT key(s)?

  • administrator: How to run mini-buildd in a systemd container (nspawn)?

  • administrator: In the web configurator, you may use the PCA shortcut (prepare, check and activate).

  • administrator: My chroot creation fails due to missing arch in archive (partial mirror)?

  • administrator: What’s eatmydata and ccache?

  • administrator: sudo fails with “sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified”?

  • consumer: How do I verify mini-buildd’s APT key?

  • consumer: How to can I upgrade after Debian main release version fix?

  • consumer: How to save credentials when working from the shell?

  • consumer: What’s the hotfix suite good for?

  • consumer: firefox: How can I reset (table) searches (like in webkit browsers)?

  • developer: Can I access built packages that have not been installed into the repository?

  • developer: Do mini-buildd commands support bash autocompletion?

  • developer: Is package building parallel? (a.k.a. Where is the ‘sbuild_jobs’ settings?)

  • developer: Is there support for emacs?

  • python/mini_buildd.dist: What does LTS (mini-buildd speak) include for Debian?

  • python/mini_buildd.dist: What does LTS (mini-buildd speak) include for Ubuntu?

  • python/mini_buildd.models: Chroot: Install Debian package ‘qemu-user-static’ for seamless access to foreign archs (albeit with a speed penalty)

  • roadmap: Can I skip migrating from 0.8.x?