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  1. (Hellfield Archive) xfce "4.11" ports for wheezy

    xfce "4.11" (i.e., the current versions from Debian unstable+experimental) are now available in wheezy-ab-testing:

    • All non-updated packages needed a rebuild to pick up the upgraded libraries.
    • Some few packages FTBFS, and are not available, but you still get a workable set (not all deps from *-goodies can …
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  2. Website relaunched

    Website relaunched using hyde static website builder.

    This hopefully looks at least nicer than before; it now features a new index page with Automated Daily Status Updates (-- and Screenshots!) and an extra page for the Hellfield Archive, with a nice Source Selector thingy.

    Thanks to hyde's default template, it's official …

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