1. RoadMap (Raw Development TODO) Feb 2017

    mini-buildd RoadMap

    A.k.a. raw development todo.

    (0) MOTM: Feb 2017

    Some current notes/news about release planning:

    I finally decided 1.0.29 to be sufficiently good to kick off 1.1.x development from there, and 1.0.x now again strictly for bugs only.

    I will …

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  2. New features in 1.0.x since 1.0.11


    The current sid/stretch Debian development cycle was (and still is) very busy, and changes continuously broke mini-buildd ;).

    Partly substantial changes to mini-buildd stable code was needed to keep things going. All in all, this stable development cycle compromises over 300 commits, closing about 25 actual Debian bugs and …

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  3. Raw Development TODO Sep 2016

    mini-buildd Development TODO

    (0) MOTM: Sep 2016

    Some notes/news about release planning:

    Within stretch development, lots of changes in 1.0.x were needed to accomodate for new versions of packages in sid.

    As this needed/needs quite some elaborate changes to the code anyway, I also broadened the …

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  4. APT weak digest warning under wheezy

    Newer apt versions warn if the repository release files are signed using "weak" digests algorithms like SHA1:

    W: http://mini-buildd-uff.ta.ta:8066/repositories/test/dists/sid-test-unstable/InRelease: Signature by key FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)

    This should usually not occur as mini-buildd is ignorant of the digest used …

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  5. On automatic debug packages ("dbgsym"), and how to prepare jessie to support this

    For some time now, Debian supports automatic debug packages ("dbgsym"). These will just be available now, for any package now rebuild for sid/stretch, without any extra support needed in the source package.

    That's great!

    So, does mini-buildd support this, too? Of course -- actually no change at all was needed …

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  6. ThinkPad T460s with NVMe on jessie

    Published: Sun Apr 17 12:23:02 UTC 2016
    Updated: Sun Sep 01 16:47:32 UTC 2019
    By Stephan Sürken

    In 2016.

    This is rather "a note to self"; maybe this is of any worth for others too...

    Since recently, I own a new Thinkpad T460s, including a "NVM Express" ('NVMe') SSD.

    Unfortunately, plain jessie can't deal with initramfs creation for nvme properly, and also some other skylake related updates seem mandatory …

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  7. Website relaunched (s/hyde/pelican/g)

    Published: Sat Mar 12 21:26:07 UTC 2016
    Updated: Sun Sep 01 16:47:32 UTC 2019
    By Stephan Sürken

    In 2016.

    hyde is unmaintained as it seems, so this here website is now relaunched using the new hot shit on the sky of static web site generators, pelican. At least, it all-in-all provides less pain, and it's still maintained ;).

    So I hope everything looks somewhat better now, and nothing is worse …

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  8. Housekeeping after the Debian jessie release

    The Debian jessie release implicitly inflicts some mandatary (new apt keys!) as well as some recommended (jessie! stretch! backports-sloppy!) housekeeping on an existing mini-buildd installation.

    So this is what I would recommend you to do:

    0. Preliminary

    Given how the configuration currently works (i.e., affecting dependencies when you change …

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  9. Raw Development TODO Feb 2015

    (0) MOTM: Feb 2015

    Some notes/news about the release planning concerning official Debian:

    We are still in jessie freeze; for mini-buildd release planning, this means (basically purely due to practical considerations) the "1.2 dev kick off" will be delayed at least until jessie is actually released.

    In the …

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  10. Raw Development TODO Nov 2014

    Published: Fri Nov 14 16:46:34 UTC 2014
    Updated: Sun Sep 01 16:47:32 UTC 2019
    By Stephan Sürken

    In 2014.

    (1) 1.0.x stable

    Subject for patching up stable 1.0.x.

    No known issues atm (Nov 14 2014).

    Fixes for the minor issues ("buglets" below) eventually may or may not be subjects for backports (depending of how invasive the patch is).

    (2) 1.1.x development

    (2.0 …

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