1.0.x maintenance moved to Hellfield Archive

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Published: Fri Jul 19 12:17:28 UTC 2019
Updated: Sun Sep 01 16:47:32 UTC 2019
By Stephan Sürken

In 2019.

After the Debian buster release, django in Debian sid/bullseye has been updated to 2.2.

Not only does this version have a number of incompabilities (to former 1.11), it also, more importantly, drops python 2 support.

With mini-buildd 1.0.x (stable) being python 2, it cannot be maintained in current Debian Development. This also in turn means, I cannot provide updates for buster and stretch through Debian Backports.

Fwiw, in post-buster Debian Development, the status currently does not look promising:

  • 1.0.x (unstable): May still sort-of work for some time as long as the django 1.11/py2 artifact linger around. Will soon cease to work entirely.
  • 1.1.x (experimental): Broken atm due to django 2.2. Will soon update to make it work again.

What Now

I will continue to support mini-buildd 1.0.x (stable) for buster and stretch.

Releases now go through the Hellfield Archive (i.e., my personal repository) only. Use buster|stretch-ab-stable for releases, buster|stretch-ab-snapshot for the adventurer. Alternatively, use the 1.0.x branch on salsa to roll your own.

In Debian unstable, mini-buildd will practically be unavailable for some time.

In Debian unstable+experimental, there will soon be a working version of the development branch again (using py3 && django 2.2).

Situation will all clear up again when the development branch (finally) gets released and uploaded to unstable.