1.0.0 released

Finally, the first official stable 1.0.0 is released, after about three month of RC testing. Stable maintenance continues in the 1.0.x branch (and Debian unstable of course).

Upgrading From Hellfield Snapshots

Lots of thoughts went into how to do correct Debian-Versions, and yet I can still do it wrong...

As the RC releases were versioned 1.0.0~rc.N, the new Hellfield Ports for wheezy for stable (auto-versioned 1.0.0~ab70..) will be lower than the RCs.

So you will need to force-downgrade to upgrade for the one "1.0.0 stable" use case (all version >= 1.0.1 will just be fine again).

Again, this only applies for the Hellfield Archive of course, not for Debian native.

Next time, I guess alpha and rc versions should use s.th. like 1.0.0~~rc.5 to be safe for that use case, too.

1.2.x ahead

Development for 1.2.x starts now in master (and eventually Debian experimental).

Below is a current snaphot of my personal TODO brainstorm for 1.2; this will change definitely, but it may give you an idea:

1.2.x development todo

No SQL schema change; no ETA.

Well defined smaller tasks

These will most definitely come pretty soon.

  • MBUG: (?) 'mini-buildd-tool -q' does not suppress server logs like "[hellfield] I: API call 'getsourceslist' by user 'AnonymousUser'"
  • MBUG: Daemon change (for example: email regex): Needs start/stop to get active.
  • WISH: Web API should work with POST; we should use POST by default.
  • WISH: admin/model objects: Show "used by count" (so we can see what objects may be obsolete).
  • WISH: Archive: Rethink Archive::mbd_ping (see https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=740576)
  • DOC:
    • Remove doc/apidoc.py
  • Cleanup /usr/share/doc/examples/:
    • python-mini-buildd vs mini-buildd
    • examples versus actual package data
  • API: getsourceslist:
    • 'mini-buildd-tool vm154 getsourceslist --suite='(stable|stable-rollback0)' wheezy' should work
    • 'mini-buildd-tool vm154 getsourceslist --mirror=XXX
  • BTRFS chroot backend
  • 'Complete' per-upload config (More ways to influence build via changes magic lines):
    • API: port/portext: --changelog-magic-options
    • New flags brainstorm:
      • APT-Internal-Priority


Not very well defined, more complicated, may break things.

  • HTTPS.
  • PYTHON3.
  • SPEED (python code, algos, calls, ...).


Unclear, maybe, wtf.

  • Activate piuparts check functionality (sbuild?)
  • Sources/Archives: Support partial arch archives.
  • Better 'user role concept', better keyring managemane workflow: Upload-Admin:
    • Liste der Uploader, die auf eine Upload-Queue zugreifen koennen
    • Uploader-Requests ("Anklopfen"):
  • notify: Admin notify on deactivated daemon.
    • ->Daemon.notify for admin messages, repo.notify for packages.
    • ->Daemon.notify for email, rest as before